Paper Rose Tutorial

A few months ago I came across this great video tutorial on Youtube on how to use the Rose Creations dies by Spellbinders to make fabulous paper roses.  Not only does the lady who made video go step by step, but the results were easy (but a bit time consuming) to recreate.  My husband insisted that I take pictures to show the process as he too was amazed.  The video shows this all in much greater detail.  I highly recommend watching it as I am sure there are gaps in my explanation and at least for me seeing it being done really helps.
First, I cut two flowers from four different sizes from PTI Raspberry Fizz cardstock--this cardstock takes this technique beautifully.  Quickly dab the edges of the petals with ink.  The lady from the video suggests Versamark watermark which works well.  Next, using a bone folder, you curl each side of the pedals creating a V except for your two smallest pieces.
The smallest pieces you 'cup.'  She uses a nifty ball bearing tool but I don't have one so I used one of my Cricut tools that has a rounded metal back and pressed it in a circular motion quite hard on top of a piece of fun foam.  My cupped flowers are not as tight as hers but they worked.
Glue what ever you wish in the center of one of the smallest flowers and when dry, glue a small part of the edge of a petal to the one next to it all the way around the flower.  I found that Zip Dry glue works really well for this.  It gets rubbery and elastic when dry (and dries fast) and you can position the petals pretty realistically wit the give. 
Next, glue each of the same sized petals together.  Be sure to stagger the petals for a realistic look.  These are the largest flowers glued together here, which will be the base.
The next size set of flowers get glued together and then glued to the base.
By the time you go to glue the third set of flowers, you'll need to position them into the petal crowded area.  I found that holding them down by pinching the top to the base with my thumb and index finger helped while they dried.

Glue the cupped flowers in the middle.  You may need to fuss with the petals a bit to get the look you want.
That is it. A little work and you can create these pretty paper roses.


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